Did you know that many newsworthy breaches are preventable?

In fact, over 90% of security breaches last year could have been prevented with varying levels of cybersecurity solutions.

When securing your home, you probably start with the basics: a fence around your yard, locks on doors and windows, and so on.

You’d ensure those preventative measures were in place before escalating to security cameras or alarm systems that alert you when an intruder gets inside. Just like you would approach your home security, you must have preventative measures in place before you go any deeper into cybersecurity services and solutions.


Here are a few security features that can strengthen your preventative security structure:

A Strong Perimeter

It may seem obvious, but good security starts with a strong perimeter. This is because your “perimeter” is the first layer of defense, like the moat around a castle or a tall fence around your yard. Security appliances, like a physical Firewall or Web Application Firewall (WAF) should stand between your network and outside threats.

Endpoint Protection

An effective anti-virus solution is another important preventative measure. It’s the main prevention solution for endpoint devices, like laptops and desktop computers. An AV program should be installed and running on every endpoint within your network.

Email Security

91% of breaches start with a malicious email. With a strong email security solution in place, you can limit the amount of unsafe and unwanted emails that reach users’ inboxes with features like email sandboxing, anti-spam, and anti-virus solutions.

Well-trained staff

The truth is, the end-user is often the weakest link in your network. Be sure that all users within your organization are trained to recognize phishing emails, unsecure websites, and other malicious content an attacker might use against them

Although there are many more advanced aspects to cybersecurity, with these basic preventative features in place, you’re taking the first steps to being more prepared to resist cyberattacks

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