Cybersecurity in an of itself is not simple to define and can mean different things to different people. Everyone has a different aspect as to what cybersecurity is or should be based on their own experiences and/or research. You may think that cybersecurity is only about protecting the network, or that cybersecurity is about protecting your valuable data, or cybersecurity is about securing yourself from hackers because you experienced the pain of going through a breach.

I want to let you know that cybersecurity isn’t just one of those things—it’s a combination all of those things mixed in together working cohesively.

What do I mean by that?

Think of cybersecurity as a complex mix of ingredients that are made up of various technologies, processes, and techniques that when mixed together becomes a recipe of flavor that work to protect all the things listed above.

Here’s the kicker

Just like you can’t go out and throw together a bunch of ingredients, serve it on a plate and call yourself an executive chef. You can’t simply go out and buy a bunch of “cybersecurity technology” throw it on your network and expect it to protect you right out of the box. You have to know how to use the cybersecurity technologies, processes, and techniques in the correct way to fully take advantage of the protection they provide and continuously tweak and manage them over time.

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