We’re proactively responding to the opportunity COVID presents to attackers globally and the challenges it is creating. Two of the biggest impacts that we have identified as a direct result of the massive work from home initiatives are:

  1. A lack of firewall visibility and enforcement capabilities
  2. Significant challenges patching and remediating vulnerabilities and outdated software on laptops with workers at their home networks

These problems present a significant opportunity that is already being leveraged by attackers today. As a result, we continue to work tirelessly to be the barrier between our clients and the bad guys.

 We are excited to announce a new managed service offering to assist in those efforts.

Endpoint Next-Gen Firewall

When devices leave the protection of your secured network, they are exposed to a greater number of threats. At a time when remote work is becoming far more common — and even unavoidable for some businesses — it’s important to be sure that your cybersecurity moves with your endpoints beyond the perimeter of your network. That’s where Endpoint NGFW comes in.

To take your endpoint security to the next level, our Endpoint NGFW service brings next-generation firewall protection, including features like web filtering and application control, right to your endpoint devices.

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